Streamlining Residential Leasing.

Our mission is to take the friction out of renting. We help protect your rental property and guarantee your rental income.

Our guarantee: Everybody wins

For tenants, that means we vouch for you when you sign the lease. We make it easier for you to access your dream home, so all you have to do is plan your move and start setting up your new place.

For landlords, if you’re in Ontario and Quebec, you are prohibited by law from requesting a security deposit, but you can ask for a guarantee. When you choose our tenants, you’re guaranteed from day one. Everyone wins!
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A modest annual fee

For only 12% of the value of your lease guarantee, you get to benefit from all our services.

A one-time $20 fee upon initial application is also required for processing your file.

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We currently do not offer guarantees in British Columbia

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