Looking for a new place to live?

By pre-approving your lease guarantee with Locnest, you are maximizing your chances of finding the place of your dreams!

The Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee provides your landlord with proof that you have already reached a formal agreement with Locnest to obtain a Certificate of Guarantee, which ensures that your landlord will be reimbursed (up to the amount guaranteed) in the event of non-payment or damage to the property.

This Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee is valid for 60 days and costs only $25.

Apply online and pay the application fee.

We conduct a credit check with Equifax and send you your Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee by email.

(In the event that your application is refused, we will also email you the reason(s) for the refusal).

Present your Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee to the landlord when visiting a prospective dwelling.

Once your choice is made, visit the “Guarantee Application” page from the “Tenants” menu on our website and fill out your application by indicating your Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee reference number to avoid having to pay the application fee again.

After we receive payment of the annual premium (8% of the amount guaranteed), we will send you and your landlord the official Certificate of Guarantee.

The Certificate of Guarantee could very well become the document that opens the door to your future residence.

It helps you stand out from the competition by providing your future landlord with additional protection, greatly increasing your chances of being selected for the rental unit.

You still have to take care of the premises and pay your rent on time, because if Locnest has to compensate the landlord, you will then have to repay us the amount of this settlement.

The annual cost of the official Certificate of Guarantee is 8% of the amount guaranteed plus a $20 application fee (which you will obviously not have to pay if you were already issued a Pre-approval of Lease Guarantee).