Owner guarantee request

You would like to request a guarantee for one of your tenants with his approval?

It’s simple !

Fill the request form online

  • – Guarantee amount
  • – Lease beginning date
  • – Address of the rented location
  • – Contact information
  • – Tenant’s email address

The tenant will receive the request, enter his/her information and proceed to payment

You and your tenant will receive a certificate of guarantee from Locnest. This certificate is bound to the lease and is renewed automatically each year.

The guarantees issued by Locnest offer the tenants and owners a protection in case of non-payment and/or damages to the dwelling for the duration of the lease, up to the guaranteed amount.

  • The guarantee request form can be completed collectively by both parties (tenant and owner), or separately by the tenant, directly on our website (locnest.com)
  • The guaranteed amount is determined by the owner; this amount varies between a minimum of 400$ up to a maximum of 5000$
  • The annual fee for the guarantee is 8% of the guaranteed amount and is charged to the tenant
  • The contract is bound to the lease and is renewed automatically each year.

The certificate of guarantee is issued on condition that the information provided has been validated by both parties (tenant and owner), and that the tenant’s credit history has been investigated by Locnest.

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