Apply for your guarantee - Tenant

All you need to do is fill out the form to obtain your Certificate of Guarantee.

Identify the amount of your deposit to determine the annual fee and start your application.

This amount is not valid. It should be between $ 400 and $ 5000.
Are you applying from outside Canada?

If you are applying from a foreign country or you are not a Canadian resident, you probably do not have a credit record in Canada. As a result, our automated system will not allow us to study your request. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to a specific form for requests from outside Canada (or for non-Canadian residents).

your bonus / Year

A non-refundable administration fee of $ 20, plus tax, will become payable and will be charged to your account at the time of approval by the landlord of the information provided in your application

Start the online application

Before you apply, you will need:

Before you begin, enter your deposit amount to calculate your annual fee.

  • The address of the apartment you wish to rent

  • Your email address and phone number

  • The landlord’s address, email and phone number (the same information that will appear on the lease)

  • The amount of the guarantee or security deposit requested (the amount agreed upon between tenant and landlord in CAD)

  • Your credit card information

Apply in 4 steps:

  1. Fill out the request on our secure and user-friendly site.
  2. Get your landlord to validate the information (excluding your payment information)
  3. Allow us to process your credit report
  4. Lastly, you and your landlord will each receive a Certificate of Guarantee!

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