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When you use us as your guarantor, you give reassurance to your landlord and your dream home is no longer out of reach. Since you don’t have to make a deposit, you have more cash for other projects or to treat yourself!

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Ok, it's great, do I cancel it?

Are you moving to rent somewhere else? To buy? Is the landlord selling their property? Not an issue, the contract ends upon the signature (electronic) by the owner of the notice of cancellation of the lease guarantee. You can request it yourself in the Client Zone area.

No damage to the property

You pay your rent on time each month and your dwelling is in good condition. You’re the perfect tenant!
Your landlord must electronically sign the guarantee termination notice. If he or she delays in doing so, you can initiate this process yourself from the Client Zone, and only your landlord’s signature will be needed to complete the process.

In case of damage

If anything in the rental property was damaged, there’s no need to panic, accidents happen. When you assume responsibility for this damage, here’s what we’ll do: Reimburse your landlord for the repair or replacement costs. This payment shall not exceed the amount provided for in the Certificate of Guarantee.

Next, check with your insurance company in case your damage is covered. If not, you’ll need to reimburse us for that amount.

If you do not accept responsibility for the damage: Your landlord will initiate the legal proceedings he or she deems necessary.

If the final and binding decision of the court establishes that you are liable for the damage, your landlord must send us a copy of the judgment. We will compensate your landlord. This compensation shall not exceed the amount provided for in the Certificate of Guarantee.

You will then have to reimburse us for the amount.

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